Pineapples for Inflammation

Pineapples are my go-to fruit when I need help decreasing inflammation.

When your body is fighting an infection or injury inflammation occurs naturally as part of the body’s immune response.

Thankfully, a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods, such as pineapple, can help reduce inflammation in the body.

Experts believe that inflammation contributes to chronic diseases, such as metabolic syndrome. which includes type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.  As a result of chronic inflammation longevity is at risk. is loaded with benefits.

Eat Pineapples


Here’s how to pick a good Pineapple

To choose the best pineapple follow these tips: 

  • Aroma: On your next trip to the grocery store, take a good sniff of the fruit before you buy it. If it has a fresh, sweet smell then it’s more likely to be fresher and taste better than one that has no smell, sour mildew-like smells or even vinegar-like smells.

  • Firmness: Ripe pineapple should have just a little give when you squeeze it, but check that they’re not too soft or mushy.

  • Leaves: The leaves should not be wilted, yellow or brown. They should also not pull away from the stem easily.
  • Weight: A pineapple should feel heavy for its size. That indicates that there’s plenty of juice inside.
slicing pineapples

Here are a few pineapple recipes to help you decrease inflammation

Pineapples Peel Health
Benefits Youtube

Pineapples Belly Fat Drink


Check out this quick video on how I use pineapples to minimize inflammation. 

To relieve soreness and speed up recovery, this is my go-to anti-inflammatory drink after a hard workout.

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Most of the benefits of the pineapple live in the peel and the core.

When your muscles work hard, they produce inflammation. 

Inflammation occurs naturally as part of the body’s immune response when your body is fighting an infection or injury. It sends inflammatory cells to the rescue which is completely normal and natural.

An enzyme called bromelain in pineapples, helps suppress inflammation, which reduce pain and swelling associated with sports injuries and osteoarthritis.

Here are a few ways you can include pineapples into you diet.

  1. Pineapple Peel Ginger Turmeric Tea – boost the immune-building power of your tea with slices of turmeric. Will also boost the yellow color
  2. Pineapple Ginger Mint Tea – add about 3 sprigs of fresh mint for a boost in minty flavor.
  3. Soothing Pineapple Sage Tea – Add about 3 fresh sage leaves to your tea, great for soothing sore throat.
  4. Spicy Pineapple Cinnamon Tea – add a cinnamon stick for a warming holiday spice tea.

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Pineapples for Inflammation
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