Prevent hangovers with
ONLY 2 capsules

Our strategic blend is designed to prepare your body with the necessary nutrients needed to metabolize byproducts at the first sip!
Prepare your body for the party
Start Living Hangover FREE!
Pharmacist Created Supplement
75% Complete
75% Complete
Hangovers are NOT mandatory
It is possible to have cocktails with feeling awful the next day

This stuff is the truth!

I’ve used patches in the past but they have an odor and sometimes won’t stick. Recently attended a bachelorette party, I took my two pills before I drank and was all good the next day for the bridal shower. Some of the other ladies were sluggish, tired and nauseous. So glad I found these. Will keep them on hand for those special nights.


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Dr. T's secret blend of vitamins and herbs is designed to help you avoid the morning after hangover.
Best Hangover Prevention:
Here's why it works:
Cocktail Cleanse has a unique blend of ingredients that work synergistically in the removal of acetaldehyde, the poison created when alcohol is being metabolized.

Your liver can only metabolize 1 drink per hour.

So... if you drink more than that acetaldehyde will build up, leaving you with a HANGOVER

Excess, acetaldehyde cause headaches and nausea, and is said to be the main reasons for Hangovers.

About DR. T
My name is Dr. T, I am a registered pharmacist with a passion for preventive care.

Dr. T

Registered Pharmacist

Cocktail Cleanse

Pharmacist created hangover prevention

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