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Inspired by Dr. Sebi’s formula, created for you by Dr. T’s Naturals. Boost your immunity, manage your weight, and get youthful skin.

Sea Moss Gummy

We have proudly created Irish Sea Moss into a gummy that packs all of the powerful health benefits and none of the fuss.



Enjoy all the health benefits of sea moss in a delicious strawberry candy.

The gummies are delicious and gives me energy

The gummies are delicious and gives me energy. I take them everyday

Christine McVeigh
Great for after the gym

Once i started taking these caapsules I feel less sore after my workouts

Adam Anderson

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A new way to improve your diet . SEA MOSS is a new superfood that is rich in antioxidants and contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids making it an ideal supplement in decreasing inflammation, promoting weight loss and boosting energy, attitude and mood.

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Irish moss is one of the newest and most popular foods to add to your diet for its powerful immune-boosting qualities.

getting healthy DrT
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